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eBid Systems offers a robust, integrated web-based solution, ProcureWare, that includes a variety of comprehensive features to support the complete procurement cycle. ProcureWare is easy-to-use, rapidly deployable, affordable, and customizable procurement Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) used by large and small businesses and public sector organizations.

ProcureWare provides extensive supplier and vendor management and sourcing features. With this platform companies can leverage their existing resources more efficiently, gaining higher quality bids with lower cost and less effort. It allows businesses to instantly compare bids received to existing estimates and suppliers with automated bid analysis forms. ProcureWare also provides a centralized communication forum with a supplier question and response management tool for clarifications on resource requirements.

Businesses looking for a comprehensive supplier management, sourcing, and contract management solution that reduces administrative and material costs and improves services procurement efficiency should look to ProcureWare.

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