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About Beroe:

Positioned at the forefront of procurement intelligence and customized market research, Beroe is unique in its exclusive focus on procurement.

Named for a Greek goddess with the gift of prophecy, Beroe acts as a strategic global partner to procurement professionals by providing critical market intelligence that helps them in making "buy or no-buy" decisions.

Beroe acts as an extension of your procurement office, offering deep expertise and comprehensive resources within our primary industries. This allows us to provide robust, predictive, real time intelligence and insights.

Our primary industries of expertise are Healthcare, Food, Beverage, Tobacco, Personal Products, Chemicals, Materials, Mining, Oil & Gas, Banking, Financial Services, Insurance and Technology.

Purpose: To revolutionize procurement

Mission: With brilliant category specialists and deep domain expertise, create the most robust procurement knowledge assets and guidance in the world

Vision: To be the world's premier strategic procurement intelligence advisor

History of Beroe:

With the rise of globalization and increasing market volatility, Market Intelligence (MI) has become a core facet of business innovation.

Beroe carved out a niche as the premier provider of procurement intelligence after recognizing the evident need for custom analysis and market research.

Beroe was founded in 2005 by Vel Dhinagaravel, Dr. Robert Handfield and Dr. Mitch Javidi. See our Leadership page for more information on these founding individuals.

In a proprietary study conducted by Beroe's founders in 2003 with fifty Fortune 500 companies, the top two areas of concern for CPOs were identified to be the lack of good market intelligence and supplier risk analysis. The reason, they found, was that most MI sources were data-centric and generic in nature (e.g., one standard report sent to all clients regardless of scale, strategy or requirements), often out of date and sometimes inaccurate.

With operations all over the world, Beroe is headquartered in Holly Springs, North Carolina, U.S.A.

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