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Bunker combines insurance verification, monitoring, and fulfillment into one platform, to simplify the process for both independent professionals and the companies engaging them. Our members (enterprises, MSPs, staffing companies, marketplaces, etc.) create insurance requirements within the Bunker platform and share them with contractors, vendors and suppliers, who have the option to upload a COI or purchase the coverage right from Bunker (in as little as two minutes).

Uploaded COIs are automatically screened and verified against the requirements. Unlike other COI management solutions, we don't just tell you when a contractor is noncompliant. Our team of advisors works with them to fill in the missing pieces, whether it's a new policy, extra coverages, or language. Customized notifications, reporting, and integrations keep our members in the loop every step of the way.

Bunker’s compliance engine monitors each policy, proactively reaching out prior to expiration to ensure seamless compliance. Our industry leading Live COI is also constantly monitoring Bunker policies, to catch cancellations and changes before they become lawsuits.

Combining innovative technology with unparalleled customer service, Bunker makes the contract insurance process painless for every link in the supply chain. We’ve saved our members 30 minutes per COI (each year), and improved on boarding times by 20%.
We also consistently save contractors, vendors and suppliers both time and money, which reflects positively on our member organizations.

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