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Business Talent Group (BTG) is the leading marketplace that connects independent management consultants, subject matter experts, and executives with top companies to solve their biggest business problems. BTG provides just the right on-demand talent needed--on-site or remote, part-time or full-time, individuals or teams, anywhere in the world.

More than 40% of the F100 trust BTG to curate, vet, and deliver legally compliant talent that fuels growth, innovation, and performance improvement. BTG's commitment to project success has earned the company a 99% fill rate on all talent requests and a 97% repeat rate among top global companies. For more information, visit

Meet Our Talent:
• A curated network of thousands of the world's best independent consultants, strategists, project managers, and executives
• 67% have both consulting and operations experience
• 78% have held executive roles at major corporations
• 80% hold advanced degrees
• 78% have held director roles and higher at major corporations
• 70% have worked internationally
• Thousands of top-tier consultants and executives with experience at Big 3 consulting firms, boutique and specialty firms, and Fortune’s 50 most admired companies

Core Capabilities:
• Planning and Strategy
• Business Intelligence and Analytics
• Innovation and R&D
• Performance Improvement
• Transformations
• Organizational Effectiveness
• Mergers and Acquisitions
• Project Management
• Interim Leadership

Founded in 2007 with the mission of bringing together the world’s top independent professionals and leading organizations to enhance business performance and improve people’s lives, today BTG is powered by leading technology, 100+ employees, and a network of thousands of the world's best independent business consultants, all dedicated to helping top companies work smarter, faster, and more flexibly on their most important initiatives.

BTG can help anytime you need strategic insights and innovative thinking, in-demand skills and expertise, on-the-job experience, or sheer capacity. Whenever a need arises, we'll employ our proprietary technology, vast talent knowledge, and skilled in-house consultants to deliver a handpicked selection of top-tier business professionals vetted for the project at hand.

Once you approve your talent, we'll deploy them exceptionally fast in whatever configuration you require and provide ongoing oversight to ensure project success.

Regardless of the project, BTG follows impeccable corporate practices designed for top organizations, including rock-solid contractor/co-employment compliance and best-in-class information security.

Interested in an enterprise solution?
Business Talent Group (BTG) offers customized, enterprise-wide solutions for sourcing, buying, and compliantly delivering the world’s best on-demand independent professionals—enabled by our proprietary technology and an end-to-end client success model pioneered and perfected over the last 10 years.

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