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Corcentric helps companies enhance cash flow quickly through an unmatched combination of software, advisory services, and payments for mid-market and Fortune 1000 businesses. Corcentric is the first end-to-end global provider of procurement, accounts payable, and accounts receivable solutions focused on reducing costs, optimizing working capital, and unlocking revenue.

Corcentric’s modular SaaS Source-to-Pay platform includes Analytics, Sourcing, Supplier Management, Contract Lifecycle Management, Procurement, Invoice Management, AP Automation, Financial Management, and Payment solutions. By integrating data and workflows across purchasing, suppliers, contracts, and finance, we help organizations streamline processes to save money, increase efficiency, reduce risk, and improve working capital to drive measurable, sustainable results.

Corcentric’s Cor360 Payables Automation is a holistic suite of AP automation solutions designed to manage 100% of a business’ spend, including PO and non-PO invoices, and to capture and convert invoices regardless of format. With easy-to-use dashboards, the solution provides full visibility into invoices, status, payments, and cash flow for accurate data and reports that facilitate informed decision-making. The cloud-based application enables simple implementation and training and supports mobile invoice approvals through any smartphone or tablet.

Corcentric offers Strategic Advisory Services as well as Managed Services. Corcentric Strategic Advisory Services helps optimize your organization’s approach to procurement to make the most of every dollar spent and maximize the value of partnerships across the supply chain. Corcentric offers a diverse set of services to augment and accelerate the effectiveness of spend management and accounts payable operations covering everything from analyzing spend to transacting business with suppliers.

Corcentric Managed Services simplifies, streamlines, and optimizes end-to-end sourcing, procurement, and marketplace purchasing processes. By focusing on strategizing the right combination of services for your business — size, industry, location — we work with your team to drive quick, measurable, and sustainable results tailored to your specific needs, goals, and guidelines.

Corcentric’s Order-to-Cash solutions can significantly reduce your Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) by guaranteeing payments and eliminating credit risk. Solutions include Managed Accounts Receivable, Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP), Supply Chain Finance, Centralized Billing, and Accounts Receivable Automation. This translates directly into an improved working capital position, better customer service, and, ultimately, a positive impact on your business’s cash flow.

Corcentric Fleet Solutions leverages the aggregated power of our network of more than 800,000 fleet vehicles and our decades of expertise to provide customers the group purchasing power, flexible financing, strategic fleet management services, and remarketing services to get fleets on the road to a more productive transportation operation.

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