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  • Fleetcor’s corporate B2B payments portfolio
  • PayPal’s flywheel forces merchants’ hands for B2B, B2C payments
  • The Contingent Workforce and Services (CW/S) Insiders’ Hot List: December 2020 ‘Special Edition’ [PRO]
  • Commodities Roundup: Gold prices; rare earths supply chains; Brexit down to the wire
  • Supplier barriers to entry in public sector markets
  • Afternoon Coffee: Fed to keep rates near zero; Beeline and The Mom Project partner up; Switzerland and Vietnam deemed ‘currency manipulators’
  • Afternoon Coffee: European Union imposes tariffs on U.S. goods; COVID-19 tests siphon supply for other medical tests; Proactis hosting its ReThink ’20 flagship event
  • Vendors will never make money off optimization unless they originate the opportunity!