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Conciliator™ is an award-winning cloud platform powered by Artificial Intelligence , developed by Dhatim, the leading software editor in automation of administrative functions. More than 50 of the Forbes Global 2000 companies use Conciliator™.

Conciliator™ helps Procurement, Finance and HR teams by removing the burden of their laborious manual tasks, by identifying new sources of optimization and by taking automated actions.

Conciliator™ provides measurable benefits leading to an average ROI equivalent to 3 months:
– Complete Spend classification: Thanks to machine learning Conciliator™ uses all your data from ERP extracts, purchase orders and invoices to categorize your costs with 100% accuracy. Reach a deeper understanding of your supplier spend and master a broader scope of your company’s spend activity.
– Enhanced productivity: Procurement process automation and spend management optimization means no more time-consuming checks, allowing valuable FTE to be spent on more value-adding tasks.
– Automated cost savings: Conciliator™ uses prescriptive analytics algorithms to make real-time decisions and to automate optimization tasks, which provides additional savings ranging from 5% to 30%.

Conciliator Cloud Platform powered by Artificial Intelligence, automates Procurement, Finance and HR processes. Conciliator frees employees from tedious manual tasks and increases enterprise efficiency and efficacy.
Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, Conciliator™ automatically extracts,

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