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Directworks provides a better way for manufacturers to work across teams and with suppliers to develop, launch and deliver more profitable products. Leading manufacturers use Directworks’ cloud-based platform to more effectively engage their stakeholders and suppliers at any stage of the product lifecycle to achieve greater product success.

Directworks only serves discrete manufacturers. Our focus is your advantage. That means we deliver solutions that are purpose-built for the supplier engagement needs of product companies. Our focus on discrete manufacturing and direct materials provides you with valuable capabilities not found in other one-size-fits-all supplier engagement solutions.

We enable a higher degree of supplier engagement that promotes valuable product innovation, speed to market and cost improvements. Your teams will become more productive by applying powerful automation to eliminate low-value activities and waste. They will improve product costs by using their time, and better information, to make smarter, data-driven supply decisions. The result will be a direct materials supply chain that is cost competitive and delivers high quality parts at lower risk.

  • ‘E-Sourcing Execution’ Competitors: Defining the Market Landscape (Part 2) — Suite Vendors [PRO]
  • ‘E-Sourcing Execution’ Competitors: Defining the Market Landscape (Part 1) — Introduction [PRO]
  • Updated! CORONAVIRUS RESPONSE: Sourcing and Commodity Management — Help with direct materials sourcing and automated supplier discovery [PRO]
  • Tradeshift: Vendor Analysis Update (Part 3) — Summary and Competitive Analysis [PRO]
  • Procurence Vendor Introduction (Part 2: Strengths/Weaknesses, SWOT, Selection Checklist and Market Overview) [PRO]
  • Procurence Vendor Introduction (Part 1: Background and SRM Solution Overview) [PRO]
  • GEP: Vendor Analysis (Part 7) — Competitive Landscape [PRO]
  • GEP: Vendor Analysis (Part 2) — Solution Overview (Upstream) [PRO]