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DocuSign helps procurement teams automate and connect the entire agreement process—allowing sourcing to be done faster with less risk, lower costs and better experiences for suppliers and stakeholders.

Every organization has a system of agreement for preparing, signing, acting on and managing agreements. In most cases, it is a mess of manual processes and office technologies like printing, scanning, emailing and faxing—and it is not consistent across teams. To modernize and unify their systems of agreement, procurement teams are adopting the DocuSign Agreement Cloud, which has more than a dozen applications and more than 350 integrations. Most start with DocuSign eSignature, then automate other parts of the agreement process and connect with existing procurement systems such as SAP and Oracle.

DocuSign offers the following products to support procurement professionals moving from tactical to strategic:
- eSignature: send, track and sign agreements with the world’s #1 electronic signature solution
- Total Search powered by Seal Software: centralize and search completed agreements organization-wide.
- Intelligent Insights powered by Seal Software: discover and analyze clauses using AI across all your agreements
- CLM: automate the contract lifecycle.
*DocuSign is named a Leader in Gartner’s 2020 Magic Quadrant for Contract Lifecycle Management.

DocuSign is used by:
10 of the top 15 global financial services companies
7 of the top 10 global technology companies
18 of the top 20 global pharmaceutical companies
800 federal, state, and local government agencies, FedRAMP authorized

Our environmental impact:
Since 2003, DocuSign and our customers together have saved over 20 billion sheets of paper. This implies an environmental savings of:
2.5 million trees
850 million pounds of wood
2.5B gallons of water
2 billion pounds of CO2
140M pounds of waste

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