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18 Cattano Ave. | Morristown, NJ | 07960 United States
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EC Sourcing Group offers robust yet easy to use technology for today's strategic sourcing & procurement professional. Its technology stack covers E-Sourcing, Bid-Scenario Optimization, Project Management & Intelligence, Contract Management, Supplier Management, and Analytics.

EC's solutions serve a multitude of familiar brand names and are aligned to most industry segments including but not limited to Manufacturing & CPG, Holding Companies, Healthcare, Construction & Mining, Financial Services, Insurance, & Banking, Retail, Restaurant, and Distribution, Technology & Business Services, and the Public Sector.

Continued Growth & Innovation – Founded in 2001, EC Sourcing Group has grown over 300% in the last 5 years and continues to drive innovation within the discipline of e-sourcing.

Specialized Expertise – Comprised of former Fortune 500 industry sourcing practitioners and leaders from specialty procurement firms.

Flexibility & Ease of Use – EC Sourcing Group’s solution has been heralded by leading analyst research firms, buyers, and even suppliers for its flexibility and practical ease of use.

Deep Industry & Category Coverage – EC Sourcing Group’s solutions have been applied to almost every industry and have covered an array of global indirect & direct category projects.

Training & Implementation – EC Sourcing Group’s approach to implementation and onboarding makes it real for its client partners in that it uses actual projects for 1:1 training versus hypothetical and canned content delivered en masse to the entire group at once.

Reporting frequently leveraged by our clients within the solution include but are not limited to:

 - Custom Reports – Available by any and all dimensions in system
 - Scorecard report
 - Questions with answers report
 - Questions with no answers report (pre-launch of event typically)
 - Team scoring status report
 - Team scoring summary report
 - Baseline data report
 - Summary of savings report
 - Savings by dimensions report (dimension vary per client)
 - Item detail reports by supplier
 - Item detailed report for auctions
 - Analysis reporting for supplier responses
 - Analysis reporting for bid options
 - Analysis reporting for comparing bids across multiple rounds
 - Supplier feedback reporting
 - Basket savings report (for basket or lot level bids)
 - Response status report
 - Supplier action reports (accessing bid, responding, data changes, etc.)
 - User list reporting
 - Dashboard functionality based on above and other reports

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