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Provides solutions and/or services in the following categories:

Providing Valuable Insights from On-Premises to the Cloud:

Flexera gives companies clarity into their technology “black hole,” helping business leaders turn insight into successful action.

With a portfolio of integrated solutions that deliver unparalleled technology insights, spend optimization and agility, Flexera helps enterprises optimize their technology footprint and realize IT’s full potential to accelerate their business.

Technology Insights – Gain visibility and control. Flexera can help shine a light into your IT ecosystem to provide insights that’ll drive better business decisions.

Technology Spend Optimization – Optimize costs across software and infrastructure. Rationalize application spend by uncovering areas of waste and redundancies. Gain control over SaaS & Cloud Spend.

Technology Agility – Enable unified, automated, and continuous governance. We can help you spot opportunities and threats, streamline IT ops, and drive nimble transformation business demands.

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