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The Genesis Solution

Genesis makes it possible to finally have a full, real-time picture of the cost to provide care, giving full insight into the different variables that make up the total cost of providing care.

Genesis Business Analytics – Make full OR cost reporting easy and highly accurate. Analyze cost by:
• Procedure
• Operating Room
• Surgeon
• Patient

Analyzing cost with drill-down into:
• Supplies
• Meds
• Staff
• Operating Room direct and indirect costs

All of this while providing full inventory management capabilities especially designed from the ground up for the healthcare environment.

Achieve high cost-savings
With the ability to break down cost by a multitude of variables, an easy to use interface and real-time reporting, Genesis allows health systems to:
• Access real-time analytics to see cost breakdown and profitability of every procedure, type of procedure by physician, operating room, type of expense (i.e. staff, OR time, items and supplies, etc.) and even by patient.
• Identify and control wastage in the OR
• Identify and control wastage due to expiration
• Reduce efforts and risk with accurate recall capability and tracking to patient
• Identify and address outliers that cause high costs to deliver care (i.e. non standardized use of staff, items and OR time).
• Easily and efficiently manage high value and implant stock (owned or on consignment).
• Manage bio-medical Assets

Genesis Business Analytics – Genesis Business Analytics make full OR cost reporting easy and highly accurate. Analyze cost by:
• Procedure
• Operating Room
• Surgeon
• Patient

Asset Management
Genesis is unique in the inventory management arena in having a dedicated Asset Tracking module for non-clinical consumables and mission critical hardware rather than simply trying to extend the remit of our materials or inventory management features.
• Tracks assets by location.
• Assets can be linked to the Patient.
• All assets managed in relation to depreciation and preventative maintenance, facilitating the scheduling of maintenance.
• Asset Utilization is tracked to ensure optimization.

Inventory Management:
The Genesis Inventory and Materials Management modules give health systems real time visibility of ALL of their stock (high, medium and low cost) in every managed location.
Automation and more efficient inventory management allows large scale inventory reduction across the health system – not just in high spend areas like OR’s but throughout the hospital.

Secure Room System:
For a location with high cost implants, the patented Genesis Secure Room System will provide enhanced levels of security while being highly flexible and extremely cost efficient when compared to alternative costly cabinet solutions in the market today

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