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GRI offers extended workforce solutions and strategies that support management of our global clients’ total non-employee labor activity including MSP programs, contracting, supplier management, payment services, and advanced analytics. Our independent position – which is supplier-neutral and VMS-agnostic – allows us to meet the multi-faceted non-employee workforce needs of some of the world’s largest and most complex companies. That position also bolsters our ability to provide creative and unbiased total workforce solutions customized for the unique needs of each client. GRI combines non-traditional talent sources with unrivaled expertise in services procurement, driving industry innovation. And by implementing our industry-changing solutions, our clients realize improved efficiency, increased transparency, and reduced cost.

Our continued evolution allows us to bring innovative extended workforce solutions to the non-employee labor industry. The global workforce is evolving, so it’s our job to inform the discussion and demonstrate the value of working with an industry-leading solutions provider whose main contribution is MSP solutions and services. We base our development and investment decisions on research and direct interaction with our clients and the extended marketplace – we feel confident that we are offering the solutions our clients and prospects are seeking.

We serve clients in more than 70 countries with proprietary solutions and services, with our most recent additions being a comprehensive data analytics and total SOW management. Envision – our data analytics solution – incorporates larger amounts of benchmark data from many sources, normalizing them in one centralized data warehouse. The solution utilizes technology that enhances all previously-used GRI analytics tools. This technology allows us to offer the performance metrics, predictive analytics, and comparative data that supports informed decision-making and strategy development. GRI is also investing in an expanded team of data experts to support Envision.

We’ve also launched Ascend, our new SOW management solution that reshapes and expands our offering to provide strategic solutions and value to our clients. By bringing the solution in-house, we are now able to staff it with experienced SOW practitioners who have deep VMS expertise and strong relationships with GRI clients. These new solutions add to our already robust lineup that includes strategic program management, P3 platinum preferred provider supplier management program, and talent cloud solutions.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of MSX International, GRI continues to capitalize on the benefits of having become a holding of Bain Capital Private Equity, growing in the US and globally. Our parent company was acquired by Bain in 2017. We are confident that GRI will move even more quickly to achieve our goals because Bain is engaged not only with GRI, but also with the industry. Their growing interest in the non-employee labor industry is enabling us to expand our global reach.

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