GRI (Geometric Results, Inc.)

500 Woodward, Suite 2150 | Detroit, MI | 48226 United States
(817) 999-7093

As the world’s largest independent extended workforce solutions provider, GRI provides world-class non-employee labor management. We maintain a conflict-free position with regard to staffing suppliers and VMS technologies, which allows us to meet the multi-faceted non-employee labor needs of some of the world’s largest and most complex companies. Our workforce solutions address program activity management components including SOW management, data analytics, contracting, supplier management, and payment services. By utilizing our staff’s deep industry experience in MSP operations and sales, GRI brings a strategic, consultative approach to our solutions which moves beyond most other firms’ tactical day-to-day management approach. Our most satisfied clients choose and stick with us because we offer real and unbiased opportunities to find talent through multiple channels – staffing firms, freelancers, SOW workers, talent pools, and client-identified contractors – which streamlines operations and saves money in our more than 50 client programs around the world.