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Globality’s vision is to unlock world-class services.

Using innovative A.I. technology built upon a constantly-expanding knowledge foundation with millions of data points, Globality ensures a level playing field so companies get the best service providers at the right price for every project. Plus, this inclusive approach leads to a decrease in time spent searching in favor of time spent doing, giving your business an immediate return on investment.

Utilizing our Smart Sourcing technologies, clients with substantial service needs can capture billions of dollars in bottom-line impact. Dozens of Fortune 500 companies are already leveraging the Platform’s strategic sourcing A.I. partner, Glo, to improve the quality and decrease the cost of services, all while driving greater transparency, accountability and fairness.

Founded by two successful entrepreneurs, Joel Hyatt and Lior Delgo, Globality has built an incredible team, supported by a world class board of directors and investors. Our values of trust, collaboration and innovation are the foundation for everything we do. Our fast-growing team comes from all over the world, with offices in Menlo Park, California, London and Hong Kong.

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