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Keelvar provides optimization-backed sourcing software that is easy-to-use. Large and medium enterprises use Keelvar to manage over $1bn in spend monthly and it is the most modern advanced eSourcing tool on the market.

Keelvar’s customers have a desire to apply best practice sourcing to a variety of strategies and wish to operate independently without a dependency on consulting support. Keelvar provides an intuitive SaaS application that users learn how to use within 1-2 days.

Customers enjoy faster and wider adoption of best practice strategic sourcing via Keelvar and it complements broader eProcurement suites. Keelvar’s customers span all industries and geographies and include Siemens, M&S and Associated British Foods among others. Keelvar also supports medium sized organizations that wish to apply best practice and sometimes are doing so from a standing start.

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