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LevaData was founded by sourcing experts, driven by a passion for empowering sourcing professionals to achieve new levels of performance. LevaData will enable Unilever to leverage the AI and Machine Learning process to drive scalability, process improvement, incremental cost saving opportunities and risk avoidance for direct material supply chain.
Many of LevaData’s customers and target market have underinvested in innovation for the direct materials sourcing process. Therefore, we often find a fragmented collection of software applications, data repositories, and market intelligence services used in different ways. The Cognitive Sourcing™ Platform is purpose built to harmonize enterprise data with market intelligence, supplier engagement services, provide intelligent assistance, predictive modeling, crowdsourced intelligence and prescriptive analytics.
Cognitive Sourcing™ is about human augmentation. AI assists, extends, accelerates and amplifies human performance by simulating human thought processes and/or mimicking the way the human brain works. AI applications rely on algorithms that learn based on extensive data mining, pattern recognition and natural language processing. Over time, the more data cognitive applications are exposed to, the more accurate and valuable they become to those who direct their intent.
1. Sense: The cycle begins with deep scans of market intelligence sources—such as news, benchmarks, and exchanges—as well as all relevant internal enterprise data, in real time. This proactively uncovers supply chain risks and saving opportunities.
2. Recommend: From these risks and opportunities, the platform recommends strategies to maximize negotiation outcomes, including the one-click creation of playbooks. You’ll know which levers to pull during a deal—and when—for optimal results.
3. Act: this always-on sensing and recommendations available on demand, the system enables you to continuous sourcing. You can engage with your suppliers in seconds within the platform itself. Or you can use its expert assistance to speed up your existing procurement processes.
4. Learn: Our Artificial Intelligence monitors all actions and outcomes—yours and the wider community’s—to improve itself. It discovers how to better sense and generate more relevant recommendations, as well as better support your actions, over time.
LevaData currently operates over $75B of spend under management and has generated over $100M in quantified savings in the last 2 years and growing 60% annually. All LevaData customers achieve verifiable, incremental cost savings, generally 5-10x ROI within the first year. We work closely with our clients to drive continuous improvements and innovate ahead of market demand to maintain their competitive advantage.

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