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More than 9500 companies in 34 countries trust and use Markit to purchase their IT products, including 20+% of the Global Forbes 2000 and Fortune 500 companies. Companies such as ABB, AGA (Linde AG), Coca-Cola, Danfoss, Ericsson, Johnson & Johnson MetLife, Rezidor/Radisson, Roche, Sanofi, Schott, SEB, Siemens, Skype, Telenor, Tieto, TIKTOK and many more are solving numerous indirect IT purchasing issues with Markit. In 2019 they saved an average of 12.5% on average market prices and thousands of hours in reduced purchasing process time.

Our clients compare prices and delivery times in real time in our catalogue of 3+ million IT products, sourced from approximately 300 of the world’s leading IT distributors. Markit offers local to local deliveries with local invoicing in the relevant currencies across 33 countries. The average delivery time for orders is 2.5 days. In addition, clients get transparent visibility of spend, dynamic proof of savings plus supplier and invoice consolidation options, all backed by dedicated client support in local languages.
Contract management and SLAs are simplified with a group level consolidated agreement, potentially reducing the client’s IT supplier count to one.
At Markit, we believe IT purchasing should be simple, transparent and efficient.
Our Net Promoter Score is 64.5% and rising.
In 2019 Markit’s turnover was 113M euros.
Markit was founded in Estonia in 2003.

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