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We make it easy and safe to engage contract talent. Our contractor-focused solutions minimize exposure to 1099 reclassification and co-employment risks, while reducing costs and improving visibility.

Take the Risk out of Contractor Engagement

If tax or labor authorities determine that your company is paying employees as contractors, they can reclassify them as W-2 employees, resulting in substantial fines and penalties. MBO takes the risk out of engaging contractors by creating a compliant engagement program for your company, shielding you from increasing enforcement actions by government agencies.

Control Costs with Program Visibility

Many executives have limited insight into their contingent and SOW spend. MBO provides you with unprecedented visibility into your contract workforce, empowering you to accept competitive proposals, manage rates, supervise budget adherence, and reduce internal administrative vendor management costs. Companies using MBO Enterprise Solutions realize 71% better visibility into independent contractor spend than their peers.

Improve Efficiency by Streamlining Your Contract Workforce

You’re engaging contractors to run your business more efficiently, so ensure that your contractor program is streamlined. MBO contractor engagement programs are designed to reduce overhead and administrative burden, freeing up time for your hiring managers and HR department.

Be the Client of Choice for Top Talent and Drive Program Adoption

IC compliance programs only succeed when contractors are willing to engage through them. But all too often, contractors avoid programs that aren’t suited for their unique financial needs. MBO engagement programs are specifically designed with the contractor in mind, setting us apart from the competition and driving high program adoption and contractor satisfaction.

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