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About Nimbi

Nimbi is a user-friendly, simple, innovative eProcurement platform. Capable of servicing all business segments. It is the ideal tool to improve procurement department's performance. By using Nimbi's platform, you can automate processes, negotiate better and improve internal transparency. Our platform was developed in modules that enable supplier certification, uploading of catalogues, quotations, RFXs, auctions, and purchase order placement, with the support of reports and comparative maps.

The Nimbi Network

The Nimbi Network is a relationship platform between companies. Our Network allows you to publish information and catalogs, find new business partners, connect and certify these partners, exchange messages as well as request additional information and documents. The Nimbi Network is the right place to maintain and nurture your business relationships.

Our Apps

Our applications extend the functionality and multiply the benefits of the Nimbi Network. The Certify, Negotiate and Purchase apps are available independently and allow for the approval and certification of partners and all the right transactional tools to procure both products and services in a structured and compliant business process. Implement world class procurement processes from requisition to order in a safe and agile fashion.

Value-added services
Our vast experience in supply chain management allows us to offer additional consulting and outsourced services that generate immediate benefits for our clients.
Nimbi is the plural of Cloud in Latin. We sought out a name that represents the ideals we aspire to. Light, agile and secure. We strive to become the safe haven for companies to interact in the cloud.

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