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OpenText, The Information Company™, enables organizations to gain insight through market leading information management solutions, on premises or in the cloud.

OpenText operates the world’s leading B2B network. Built on the strength of the OpenText Cloud, it connects more than 600,000 businesses that execute more than 24 billion transactions per year to facilitate the mission-critical transfer of goods, money, and information between trading partners.

OpenText Business Network simplifies the inherent complexities in trading partner ecosystems, providing a single connection that digitizes all information flows, whether they are suppliers, customers, banks or other valued partners. OpenText Business Network boosts your competitiveness by connecting you with your business partners. We create frictionless interaction between companies—from the cloud to the client—through a secure, reliable, and data-rich platform.

OpenText Business Network Solutions include:

B2B Managed Services - Our experts perform day-to-day EDI activities such as mapping, connectivity, onboarding, testing, monitoring and end-user support on your behalf. You can leverage our teams to quickly build out your connectivity to business partners, scaling up and down the number of people on your projects as you see fit. All the technology is hosted in our integration cloud so there is no software to license and no hardware to buy.

Trading Grid Messaging Service enables you to exchange business documents electronically in secure, fast and reliable manner. Documents can be sent in both the latest XML standards as well as traditional EDI document standards. Trading Grid Messaging Service can be then accessed via the Internet using a variety of communications options such as FTP and AS2.

Trading Grid Analytics - Enables companies to easily access, analyze, and view the rich data being exchanged across OpenText Business Network to gain critical business insights and act upon information about their B2B transactions and trading partners.

Active Orders – Provides a supplier-facing portal and works with B2B Managed Services to provide end-to-end transaction automation and visibility that supports complete transaction management and 360° supply chain visibility with all suppliers, including those who are not digitally enabled.

Active Invoices with Compliance – Works with B2B Managed Services and Trading Grid Messaging Service to provides buying and selling organizations the technology and services needed for automating e-Invoicing compliance. Active Invoices with Compliance provides digital signature, archiving, government reporting, and delivery capabilities in over 40 countries.

Active Intelligence - Identifies problems associated with orders, packaging, shipments, invoices and payments in real time. It pinpoints problems so that you or your customer/supplier can take corrective action quickly. Once we identify an issue, we offer you multiple options to take action. We can “quarantine” or “firewall” EDI/XML messages so they don’t pollute your ERP application with bad data. If you prefer, we can tell the sender exactly what information is incorrect, then request a correction. Or we can simply flag the issue as an exception for your team to handle.

Community onboarding services - We manage technical integration with your customers on your behalf. We may able to reduce the backlog of outstanding requests you have as well as to accelerate new implementations.

Vendor Invoice Management for SAP® Solutions (VIM) optimizes and simplifies the process of receiving, managing, routing and monitoring invoices and related documentation. Corporate spend activities involves many roles and impacts many roles thereby demanding process excellence. When VIM is combined with OpenText Invoice Capture Center, Business Center, Extended ECM and Document Presentment the digital journey is maximized to its fullest potential within SAP S/4HANA.

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