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Opus (www.opus.com) is a global risk and compliance SaaS and data solution provider founded on a simple premise: that faster, better decisions in compliance and risk management give businesses an extraordinary advantage in the marketplace. Today, the world’s most respected global corporations rely on Opus to Free their Business® from the complexity and uncertainty of managing customer, supplier and third-party risks.
Opus’s flagship product, Hiperos 3PM™, is the leader in Third Party Management (3PM), used by leading corporations across the Global 2000 to reduce the probability of regulatory fines, reputational damage or revenue loss. It’s the most widely used 3PM solution in the market today, deployed in 195 countries and 47 languages with more than 2 million users.
From governing complex outsourcing relationships, registration, onboarding and information management, assessment and proactive management of multi-level risk, contract risk management, risk-based global compliance management, training, service-level agreement/KPI- based performance management, contract termination and information security risk, Hiperos 3PM™ allows organizations to systematically implement scalable, consistent, processes to address the many aspects of managing 3rd parties. Clients include the world’s leading companies, such as AstraZeneca, Halliburton, Santander, CVSHealth, Standard Chartered, Veon, Lenovo, MetroBank and Wakefern.

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