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Practical innovations for tactical and strategic issues!
We know our solutions are practical because our customers tell us how easy they are to deploy, adopt and use.

Our DNA combines German engineering and Nordic innovation in highly practical and creative ways. Core to our success is a clear understanding of our role as problem solvers. Complexity comes in many forms and we pride ourselves on being complexity friendly. In an industry that is trending towards conformity, OpusCapita continues to engage with individual customers to solve concrete problems with practical and innovative solutions.

Our Journey is all about Digital Transformation

Since 1984 we've been working with organisations, helping them to greater efficiencies with improved controls. As our customers have developed, we've developed with them. OpusCapita has grown and contracted many times over the years as we've aimed to be the very best partner for our customers. As you can see, from the start, OpusCapita has always been about digitalizing global trade, one customer at a time.

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