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Oracle Corporation is a leading global provider of database software, technology and cloud systems. The Oracle Procurement Cloud delivers a comprehensive solution that automates and manages an organizations' complete source-to-settle process so they are able to streamline processes, reduce costs, control spend, mitigate supplier risks, ensure compliance and maximize productivity. This allows companies to increase their bottom line. The Oracle Procurement Cloud’s core capabilities include Supplier Management, Sourcing, Contract Management, Requisitioning, Purchasing and Invoice Automation.

Supplier Management: Qualify and assess suppliers to support supplier programs, compliance, and negotiation award decisions. and ensure they comply. Provide suppliers with a comprehensive qualification management system to easily qualify them and make the best selections, sourcing decisions and reduce supplier risks. Users can also receive notifications when supplier information changes that affects their qualifications, capabilities, or risk factors.

Sourcing: Simplify your negotiation process through social collaboration to streamline negotiation document creation that leverage negotiation best practices, drive strategic savings initiatives and achieve bottom-line results. Increase the visibility into your negotiation processes and receive live updates on sourcing activities and savings targets. Award analysis tool allow you to quickly assess supplier bids and make better award decisions for your business based on factors such as price, quality and value.

Contract Management: Streamline your contract cycle times with a step-by-step guided authoring tools and utilize pre-approved clause libraries, reusable templates, and flexible approval rules. Users can quickly find a contract in a searchable repository allowing complete visibility into both to the contract itself and to its usage activity. Users receive advanced notice about expiring contracts to initiate renewals to avoid unnecessary costs and lost savings.

Requisitioning: Provides employees with a consumer-like buying experience that helps them manage requests for goods and services. Oracle Self Service Procurement Cloud combines the best capabilities of consumer shopping web sites with the tools to control spend., employees can find what they need quickly using powerful search capabilities. using shopping lists, as well as browsing categories. Other built-in capabilities allow employees to specify requirements such as one-time delivery options while enforcing compliance with negotiated terms and approval policies. Catalog management tools help improve compliance with supplier agreements by directing users to preferred suppliers and negotiated prices. Configurable approval rules enable managers and buyers to easily approve employee requisitions so all employee purchases are properly authorized. This, reduces maverick spending and helps improve profitability.

Purchasing: Streamlines procurement processes by automating the creation of purchase orders with approved requisitions without manual intervention, increasing productivity while enforcing compliance at every step. Users can communicate with suppliers electronically and stay informed of purchase order updates, as well as ensure purchase order accuracy and timeliness., Employees are able to streamline their efforts on therefore increasing productivity while ensuring compliance. Ultimately, this allows procurement professionals to spend more time discovering savings opportunities and delivering value to your business.

Payments: The Oracle Procurement Cloud is integrated with Oracle Financials Cloud to automate supplier invoice processing.

Oracle is headquartered in Redwood Shores, CA. For more information, please visit

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