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Precoro is an innovative Procurement and Spend Management software, that helps companies in 60+ countries to eliminate manual work, improve visibility and control their purchases in the best way. Streamlined approvals, controlled budgets, easy PR and PO processes – all that you need to save lots of time and money.

Three problems are solved with Precoro:
– Manual work with papers, Google Docs, Slack messages, emails, etc.;
– Losing money due to overbudgeting;
– Time is spent inefficiently due to human mistakes.

The results you get with Precoro:
– eliminate paper documents, Excel, email records and all the manual work.;
– streamline approvals, get purchases faster to do your job in the best way.
– save a ton of money while sticking to budgets.

When founded in 2015, we at Precoro Inc. understood that there’s still an old-fashioned feeling about purchasing software: it was clunky, hard to set up, a long time to implement.

With Precoro, modern procurement software has become a completely new category, as we use the following approaches:
– Easy to use – a beautiful interface that anyone can adopt to in minutes;
– Free 14-days trial – for you to try the product;
– Open pricing