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600 Galleria Parkway, Suite 100 | Atlanta, GA | 30339 United States

The origin of what is now PRGX was founded in 1970. In March 1996, the company completed a public offering and is traded on the NASDAQ under the symbol PRGX. With the acquisition of Howard Schultz and Associates in January 2002, The Profit Recovery Group became PRG‐Schultz. In January of 2010, PRG‐Schultz was reintroduced as PRGX.

PRGX has been one of the world’s leading audit recovery firms for more than 40 years now, saving clients billions of dollars. With over 1,600 associates in 30+ countries, PRGX serves many of the world’s largest and most successful companies. As the first publicly traded recovery audit firm, PRGX publishes verifiable evidence of its financial strength and the soundness of its business model, demonstrating stability and substantial benefit to its clients. PRGX supports more than 330 clients in 30 countries, including roughly 24% of the Fortune 50, over 75% of the world’s top 25 retailers, key government agencies in the U.S. and U.K. as well as many of the largest manufacturing, healthcare, energy and services companies globally.

PRGX’s substantial international presence and global governance model provide significant competitive advantages and synergies that permit PRGX to consistently and cost effectively deliver high quality professional services anywhere our clients conduct business. In addition, given PRGX’s local footprint at both the region and country levels, we are able to deliver these services with sensitivity to local customs and regulations, best methods for supplier outreach, and an understanding of their business practices.

Recovery Audit is PRGX’s core business, a service based on the mining of a tremendous amount of its clients’ purchasing data, looking for overpayments to their suppliers. Most of our
large clients in mature geographic markets engaged PRGX to
supplement their own full-time internal staff in auditing and
recovering overpayments to suppliers. For other clients, including
clients across all industries, PRGX serves as the complete
outsourced provider of this standard function. PRGX processes
over 2 million client files each year, including purchase orders,
receipt and shipment data, invoices, payables and point of sales
data. At any given point in time, PRGX handles approximately
4-6 petabytes of client data for analysis.

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