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Procura Consulting is a rapidly growing firm specialising in procurement cost reduction.

We work with clients in the US, UK, Europe and Worldwide, across a diverse range of markets to help them improve operational performance and increase profitability through procurement excellence.

Procura helps medium and large sized organisations across the public and private sectors achieve significant cost savings through better procurement.

Our consultants use the latest approaches and proprietary tools to optimise all areas of procurement, including direct and indirect spend and capital expenditure, across all geographies.

We work closely with client teams to build long-term partnerships and embed best practice that supports continuous improvement in procurement processes and adds sustainable value to the bottom line.

A relentless focus on results combined with deep supply-market knowledge ensures that spend is optimised – and stays optimised.

Delivering value for our clients

Our mission is to create significant EBIT improvement, sustainable operational improvement and real competitive advantage for our clients through procurement excellence.

Procura’s business propositions are at the heart of delivering our mission. Clients say they trust us to achieve substantial cost savings because we are procurement experts. They trust us because we have a consistent and successful track record of delivering tangible results. And they trust us because we offer a range of entrepreneurial, success-based fee models.
These propositions manifest as the value we provide for clients through professional consulting services based around our Identify, Deliver and Maintain model;

1. Identify
We identify, evaluate and quantify opportunities for savings and procurement performance improvement so that our clients know where, and by how much they can reduce cost. Using our proprietary ProIntell platform, we analyse spend to get complete transparency on what clients buy, where they buy from, and how much they spend. The platform analyses all accounts payable transactions to create a clear picture of spend, visualised through intuitive dashboards.

Our consultants then work with stakeholders to understand the context of their data. After assessing the impact of different procurement strategies, we produce a detailed savings forecast, prioritised by amount and ease of execution, with an implementation plan to ensure the savings hit the bottom line.

We use our Procurement Function Diagnostic tool to evaluate current procurement performance and position the organisation on four levels – operational, standard, professional or excellent – across the main enablers of performance excellence, and to develop a transformation roadmap.

2. Deliver
Our consultants work in partnership with clients to deliver the savings we have identified, transfer knowledge and embed best practice across the organisation.

Savings come through our co-sourcing methodology, which involves strategic sourcing alongside our clients. This ensures that we source exactly to business requirements, that clients take-on our methodology, and that practices are embedded.

We’ve also developed a portfolio of pre-sourced, pre-agreed frameworks that reduce the cost of common business overheads. Our ProSource buying frameworks enable smaller organisations to pool their spend and access discounted pricing through economies of scale.

3. Maintain
Ensuring that savings stay optimised requires expert supply market knowledge and ongoing spend intelligence. Otherwise, savings and profitability can be quickly eroded.

We offer a variety of services to maintain the benefits, from ongoing monitoring and benchmarking of the cost base through ProIntell intelligence, to on-demand sourcing, to recruitment of procurement specialists through our own recruitment function, ProSearch.

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