Procure Analytics

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Every day, we help hundreds of companies save money on MRO and packaging. As a GPO, our leveraged pricing gives our Members a leg up.

In such complex and fragmented spend categories, though, better pricing isn’t enough. We spent the last several years investing in our data analytics, technology infrastructure, and packaging engineering so that our service is more than a better deal, it’s automatic visibility into the opaque purchasing worlds of MRO and packaging.

At Procure Analytics, we honor our focus on meaningful data driving new ways of cost optimization in indirect procurement.

As a member, you get access to our growing leverage and special pricing. Our analysts dive into your purchasing data, make sense of fragmented SKUs, and continuously look for ways to consolidate your tail spend. We work with you and your programs, systems, and tools.

Reach out to us to learn how we can help your business.

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