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Established in 2000, ProProcure is a SaaS business helping large enterprises to accurately forecast and aggregate internal demand for complex items and services. Geneus – our easy to use cloud-based platform – compliments any P2P solution by enabling businesses to catalogue more complex areas of spend, typically spend on capital equipment and marketing materials – such as point of sale materials (POS) and value-added packaging (VAPs) which can be notoriously complex and highly configurable.

Not only does Geneus enable enterprises to unlock hidden value within additional categories of spend, but also to sharpen their growth strategies by focusing expenditure on goods and services which have the highest impact on changing customer behaviour.

ProProcure clients achieve total visibility over spend, are able to stretch budgets by maximising the benefits of order forecasting and aggregation and achieve measurable reductions in non-compliance, risk and waste. Additionally clients see high levels of end-user and supplier buy-in due to ProProcure’s intuitive e-Catalogues and outstanding multilingual customer support.

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