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  • Spend Matters 50/50: Proxima – A Provider to Know in 2015
  • How Change Management Can Change Procurement For the Better
  • Best of Spend Matters Network – Week of March 23 [Plus+]
  • Best of Spend Matters Network – Week of Dec. 1 [Plus+]
  • Insight for CPOs: How Might CEOs Address Procurement’s Failings? [Plus+]
  • Insight for CPOs: Proxima Lays Out Procurement’s Failings, But Are the Answers Here? [Plus+]
  • ZeroChaos: Threatening the MSP Status Quo (Part 2) [PRO]
  • Long Live Services Procurement! The World is Made Up of People, Not Widgets
  • Optimum, Wax Digital Partnership: The Procurement BPO Land Grab Continues (But With a Twist) [Plus+]
  • Influencing Change: The Solution to Procurement’s Change Challenges (Part 1)
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