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Rosslyn Data Technologies is one of the few companies can that provide complete end to end supply chain analytics. We focus on ensuring the delivery of ROI to our clients, in the shortest time possible. In order to achieve this, we have developed proprietary ‘out of the box’ dashboards which guide our clients to the most important efficiencies and savings available.

One of the many deliverables is the highlighting of areas for potential rationalisation projects such as supplier, product and invoicing rationalisation. These will have significant impact to the bottom line.

Data Security:
Rosslyn is ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified and has a CISO on the main Board. We fully leverage the MS Azure security and resilience capabilities and run regular penetration and daily vulnerability testing. Data will be kept in the region best suited for data sovereignty purposes (US, EU, UK and others as required).

RAPid Extract:
Our SAP Certified data extraction solution runs on all major ERP systems and can be configured to access all others.

Refresh Hub:
Our RPA driven refresh hub allows data to be automatically taken from its source and carried through: validation, client business rules, quality assurance, client validation and promotion without the need for any intervention. This process is especially suited to large scale disparate ERP landscapes.

Supplier Master Data Management:
Our SMDM solution supports procurement with their risk and compliance initiatives. Integrates not only with the middleware but also with the main P2P and S2P platforms. Managing the ‘Golden’ vendor master file from a multitude of sources with the ability to write back to ERPs is a Rosslyn speciality.

Front and Back Office Solutions:
Our long experience in document management, case management and workflow, allows us to combine both structured (transactional data) and unstructured (documents, voice, images) in a single environment. This delivers a fully integrated view of all invoices and purchase orders in whatever format (soft or hard copy).

Duty Management:
Our recent acquisition enables our clients to integrate their duty declarations for UK and NL (more countries to be on-boarded), reducing their overheads and improving their cashflows.

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