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3420 Hillview Avenue Building 3 | Palo Alto, CA | 94304 United States
Provides solutions and/or services in the following categories:

Through SAP Ariba, more than 2 million businesses from 190 countries discover new opportunities, collaborate on transactions and grow relationships.
• The Ariba Network is a dynamic, digital marketplace where buyers and suppliers can find each other, collaborate and conduct more than $1 trillion in commerce annually.
SAP Ariba integrates the entire buying process across the organization, so buyers can efficiently manage transactions, find new sources of savings and build a healthy supply chain. SAP Ariba manages the entire buying process – including invoice management, with smart technology to improve speed and accuracy of invoices, automate discounts, extend payment terms to free up cash, and analyze payments to improve cash flow and visibility.
The Ariba Networks connects sellers to profitable customers who are ready to buy, so they can manage sales cycles, control cash flow and grow business. Sellers can scale existing customer relationships, plus discover and win new ones. SAP Ariba delivers relationship and transaction data, and an automated solution, so sellers can manage their connections better, increase speed and accuracy, and cut costs.
• Spot Buy – A custom B2B marketplace that makes it easy to buy goods from trusted supply with built-in control. Find and buy what you need fast from over 10 million items from a trusted source of pre-enabled supply with over 100 vetted suppliers. Recent updates are:
o Partnership with Mercado Libre in Latin America
o eBay’s 1st marketplace partner for trusted supply in USA which is expanding to Canada, Australia & New Zealand
o Expanded partnership with American Express to include virtual card technology
• Cloud Integration– Fast, easy integration supporting source-to-settle business processes:
o Built-in cloud integration to S/4 HANA and other cloud & on-prem back-end systems
o Cloud and beyond integration with SAP Fieldglass, SAP SuccessFactors, Concur & technologies such as IoT
o 140 standard integrations with key industry-standard protocols via multiple deployment options
Blockchain for Procurement: SAP Ariba is partnering with Everledger to integrate blockchain and upend the way goods and services are traded. Blockchain will drive better business processes involving multiple parties, creating more trust and transparent transactions.
AI Meets Procurement: SAP Ariba is bringing AI to procurement with a digital procurement bot powered by AI that allows users to simplify procurement. The bot interacts with users naturally wherever they are and creates a better user experience – enabling customers to converse with SAP Ariba apps. With machine learning, the bot learns a user’s preferences and a company’s policies and procedures, and guides actions in line with them to reduce errors and spee

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