Seal Software

1990 N. California Blvd., Suite 500 | Walnut Creek, California | 94596 United States
Provides solutions and/or services in the following categories:

Seal Software is specifically designed to locate contractual documents, extract and present key contractual information related to contractual language, clauses, clause combinations, and the key contextual metadata held within them. Seal refers to this process as Contract Discovery.

Seal achieves our more automated and cost effective approach to contract discovery through the use of a combination of predefined extraction rules that are based on Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning techniques. Once a contract is located, the items are placed into a centralized database with advanced search engine functionality for review and further processing. Seal provides a processing workflow that enables customers to quickly review and process the potential contractual documents discovered, with each item being ranked based on an internally generated score for contract relevance.

In addition to contract discovery, a new module for customer driven extraction and analytics is also available. The module empowers customers to continually teach and refine the seal platform based on examples and contextual rules from their own contract corpus. Customers are able to create and refine custom policies that discover, extract and warn on contractual terms and clause combinations of specific interest to their business. Seal refers to this module and corresponding capability as contract analytics.

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