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As companies amass talent databases of thousands of previously and yet-to-be used candidates across many service-types and seniority levels, organizations will uncover a great opportunity to leverage this resource independent of their supplier relationships. With a contractor and freelancer-first approach, Shortlist can bring expert focus to this talent class while offering managed services where needed to reduce risk and increase quality.

As the direct sourcing leader of contingent staff among Workforce Management platforms, Shortlist empowers organizations to reduce costs by enabling sourcing of pre-engaged contractors, silver medalist candidates, retired employees and more. Further driving down costs, the subscription-based SaaS business model allows hiring organizations to engage talent without taking a % of spend.

Hands-off compliance management of direct sourcing efforts can mitigate risk through platform automations, integrated screening services and direct visibility into potential non-compliant engagements. On the business intelligence side, focusing on 1099 workers has allowed us to fine-tune our analytics portfolio to bring actionable insights for contingent workforce programs.

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