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Simfoni is a market leader in the emerging field of mobile apps and analytics for procurement and supply chain.

Most of our clients adopt our state-of-the-art Mobile Analytics platform, Virtuosi™. Standing for Visual Insights in Real-Time Utilizing Outside Sources of Information, Virtuosi is unique in the analytics marketplace. Customers pay a monthly subscription for a service in which we combine internal data with external market information to produce visually engaging insights that can be easily manipulated on any mobile device (or even desktop).

Our analytics activity helps us to identify how we can make procurement and supply chain operations easier, more efficient and more effective. We do this by providing world-class enterprise mobile apps that are easy to use, constantly updated with real-time information, and able to facilitate information sharing among various stakeholders who are located in diverse locations.

Where appropriate, we can augment the technology platform with enablement support to ensure clients get maximum adoption and benefit from technology investment.

One of our core offerings is the PocketBuyer™ Mobile Procurement App. This user-friendly, comprehensive solution is backed up by a buying service from our specialized procurement team. This is particularly effective for low-value or low-volume purchases which is not typically managed by in-house procurement professionals. Simfoni makes controlling tail-spend simple and hassle-free.

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