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Our clients deploy our state-of-the-art Analytics platform, Virtuosi™. Virtuosi is unique in the analytics marketplace. Customers pay a monthly subscription for a service in which we combine internal data with external market information to produce visually engaging insights that can be easily interrogated.

C-suite executives often elect to enhance the Virtuosi offering with ‘V+‘; our mobile analytics application providing real-time reporting and live notifications relating to important changes in business performance.

Our analytics activity helps us to identify how we can make procurement and supply chain operations easier, more efficient and more effective.

Where appropriate, we augment our analytics with enabling solutions to help drive through operational improvements. Products include:

Vitesse Tail Spend Management - this highly innovative platform is deployed by many leading global organizations for managing tactical and low-value spend which is traditionally difficult to manage cost effectively. Essentially a technology-enabled buying desk, the solution delivers cost savings of 16-20% on non-core purchases and is often paired with legacy eProcurement systems for seamless management of both catalog and non-catalog non-core purchases.

Purchasing Platform - an online marketplace which facilitates eProcurement purchases for catalog items without the burden of upfront licence fees. Often deployed by corporations that don’t have or wish to avoid the significant investment in an installed eProcurement solution, Purchasing Platform offers a complete Procure to Pay (P2P) system with over 1 million sku’s covering the almost all the catalog requirements of most organizations, without the hassle of maintaining the content or paying any license fees. Your own custom catalogs can also be added to the platform to provide a completely holistic catalog solution with the simplicity and flexibility of an on-demand fee model.

SourceForce - a highly innovative project management tool; Sourceforce allows management of sourcing initiatives across an enterprise in an easy to use, single hosted environment. Projects can easily be filtered by category, department, user or by type of savings (target, expected, booked, and realized) and are tracked according to your own customized sourcing methodology. The tool enables superior decision-making and enhancing the role that Procurement can play within managing the financial performance of the organization. Furthermore, it stores all pertinent data relating to the sourcing initiative (vendor lists, RFI/RFP and other tender documentation, vendor notes and bid information, contracts) and thereby acts as a permanent reposity of category IP available for future reference keeping a record of all IP and sourcing history (audit trail) even if the particular staff members change over time.

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