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The relationship between buyers and suppliers is broken. Every quote, purchase order and invoice is still emailed repeatedly, updated manually and chased down daily causing countless errors and discrepancies. Missed updates and errors have ripple effects across the business that can ultimately keep them from meeting customer commitments.

Every manufacturer and distributor works hard to meet their customer commitments, but the manual processes in the first mile of the supply chain can cause them to miss. Misses waste time and money on expedite fees, excess labor, customer penalties, overpaying suppliers, and unnecessary safety stock. Not to mention the chaos and stress of late deliveries, which kills productivity, drains morale, and leads to employee turnover. SourceDay addresses all of these common challenges.

SourceDay makes the first mile of your supply chain run more smoothly by improving supplier collaboration. Our SaaS engine creates real-time visibility and accountability between you and your suppliers. It integrates with your ERP system ensuring that pricing, quantity, lead times and delivery dates are accurate. With automated workflows and accurate information, you can lower your risk, make smarter decisions, grow a stronger businesses, and build loyalty with more customers.

Specifically, SourceDay's collaboration engine gives manufacturers and distributors a better way to manage their direct spend–from quotes to purchase orders to quality control and invoices. SourceDay products include RFQ Collaboration, Purchase Order Collaboration, AP Collaboration, Quality Control and SourceDay Mobile.

RFQ Collaboration:
SourceDay helps you digitize your RFQ process and get the best pricing, lead times, and delivery terms. You can send RFQs to multiple suppliers at once, then review submissions in an easy-to-read bid comparison chart. This makes it easy to choose the best quote and notify all suppliers of your decision.

Purchase Order Collaboration:
SourceDay gives buyers and suppliers a unified interface to identify PO changes and exceptions and uses workflow to help users resolve them as quickly as possible. Every PO update to lead-times, delivery dates, pricing, quantities, etc. makes it back into your ERP system in real time.

AP Collaboration:
SourceDay's AP Collaboration automatically matches final PO data with actual receipts to ensure a supplier's invoice is correct. Once 3-way matching is complete, invoices are automatically vouchered in the ERP. That means you can take advantage of early payment discounts and your suppliers get paid faster.

Quality Control:
Using SourceDay means you can now streamline your inspections by replacing spreadsheets with workflows that live in the cloud. Easily track incoming inspections of parts from every supplier organized in a single dashboard and instantly communicate with suppliers on rejected parts to simplify disposition.

SourceDay Mobile:
With SourceDay's mobile app, you can communicate with your suppliers on the go. A simple mobile dashboard provides instant access to the status of every line item of every order, allowing you to handle urgent issues right away without being chained to a desk.

SourceDay also provides services to ensure customers get the most out of each of these features, making your ERP smarter and your suppliers more efficient.

ERP Integrations:
SourceDay's service team helps you integrate SourceDay into your ERP system in weeks versus the months it takes other solutions to be implemented. SourceDay's SaaS technology seamlessly connects with all standard ERP systems with minimal IT involvement.

Supplier Enablement:
SourceDay is FREE for suppliers and SourceDay's managed services team is responsible for all supplier enablement, training, and support. Suppliers benefit from collaboration, automation and visibility, and ultimately get paid faster. The integration for suppliers is easy and requires no integration.

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