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Spendata is the first true do-it-yourself spend analysis tool. Because Spendata is easy to learn and inexpensive to own, any organization can find valuable savings opportunities without a huge investment of resources and money.

Spendata eliminates traditional roadblocks to achieving a successful spend analysis program. We make the process much more approachable by removing encumbrances imposed by fixed data hierarchies and rigid data structures. Powerful but easy-to-use data mapping and filtering capabilities let you organize and explore your data and get to value quickly.

Spendata gives users the freedom to explore their own spend data, whenever they want, without having to wait weeks or months for vendor or third-party services. It can either serve as a powerful standalone solution, or work alongside existing products, adding critical agility to data warehouse and BI-based systems.

Spendata is a collaboration between industry veterans who have previously designed and built successful spend analysis systems, and sourcing consultants and practitioners who have implemented successful spend analysis programs at companies across the globe. Spendata users get access to an extensive library of video tutorials when they purchase the product. In addition to step-by-step guidance on how to use the product, the video library incorporates much of our collective knowledge.

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