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Tax coding mistakes made during the procure-to-pay process often result in the underpayment and overpayment of taxes. This results in money lost by overpaying sales tax and VAT, and recouping overpayments after-the-fact are time consuming. Underpayment of indirect tax can lead to increased audit exposure, large cash reserves, and substantial fines.
Native ERP and procurement system functionality are not granular enough for today’s complex tax requirements, and causes the IT, Tax and Procurement functions to work harder, not smarter.
Vertex Indirect Tax Solutions are more robust than the native tax determination in major ERPs and procurement systems and improve tax determination accuracy, enabling companies to reduce tax overpayments, audit risk, and fines. Vertex frees the tax, procurement, and IT functions to focus on their respective core competencies, which increases efficiencies and lowers costs across the board.
Vertex can centralize the indirect tax requirements across the business, ensuring the consistent tax treatment of every transaction, and offering tax visibility across the enterprise.
Vertex is an indirect tax technology industry leader with 40+ years’ experience. We enable the tax department to make indirect tax decisions, so that companies can increase tax accuracy and efficiency and lower costs and corporate risk.

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