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Vroozi provides mobile-first spend management, eProcurement, marketplace, and invoicing automation solutions for midmarket and enterprise customers. With the Vroozi Cloud platform, organizations optimize and automate how they purchase, invoice, pay, and collaborate with their supplier population for goods and services. The Vroozi technology is centered around an intuitive and powerful user interface that allows for immediate end user adoption.

In addition, Vroozi provides a powerful integration framework that allows companies to integrate with their existing ERP/financial systems quickly and cost-effectively. Accounting master data and transaction data such as goods receipts and matched invoices are seamlessly transferred from Vroozi to leading financial systems like SAP, Oracle, Netsuite, and Microsoft Dynamics. Purchasers can leverage the Vroozi Marketplace to shop within budget, perform cross-supplier comparisons, and view global supplier catalogs in real-time to ensure compliance and performance. Via the Vroozi Supplier Portal, Suppliers can upload catalogs and provide instant visibility to corporate buyers for marketplace items as well as pick up purchase orders, send invoices and check payment status.

Vroozi provides a self-service administration module which allows companies to define their automation and business rules as well as a detailed Analytics platform to gain purchasing insights. Digitize and transform procure to pay process with Vroozi today!

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