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Since 1999 we have been bringing together different experts in the fields of business process digitization, electronic purchasing, and networking of people and systems. Together we aspire to support companies with the implementation and digitization of their purchasing strategies through innovative technologies and methods. Our customers profit from our expertise from hundrets of digitization projects, and our long-term experience from global roll-out projects in more than 60 countries.

Over time, we obeserved that the speed of innovation in B2C has outpaced the B2B sector. Today, consumers pick their relevant apps on a single platform for satisfying their needs. Innovation and competition create remarkable market dynamics. We identified that in almost all areas of B2B relationships specialist providers are far ahead of established ERP solution providers in their respective market segments. Moreover, it is observable that many companies using current technologies to make processes more efficient, but fail to leverage them for providing a collaborative network of business partners, systems, and data. This blocks firms from making full use of innovations. B2C platforms show which dynamics can be achieved from great quantity structures.

Many B2B firms fulfill these factors, but mostly they do not consider establishing an own platform or they lack the respective technology that embeds the paradigms of digitization. Our mission is to support firms with implementing their digitization strategy based on an open platform and, this way, with combining latest innovations and new solutions in the context of IoT and Industry 4.0.

The key task is the vertical and horizontal integration of applications, employees, suppliers, partners, and business models. Firms with a diverse IT landscape and obsolete silo-structured solutions will no longer be able to compete in the race of digital procurement. They will not only lack a sufficient degree of agility, transparency, and information exchange – most notably they will no longer be able to meet their employees’ increasing expectations towards usability, guidance, and functionality.

Against this background, we decided to start with wescale and the concept of bringing procurement and all related processes into a single platform. With wescale, multi-national enterprises can realize their own digital procurement workplace.

As an open business integration platform wescale enables companies to provide their employees with a central starting point for their daily tasks, no matter which applications and processes they are working with. Besides integrating best-of-breed applications into the platform, wescale offers comprehensive self-developed solutions for operative purchasing, guided procurement, as well as strategy management, helping purchasing managers to put their strategies into action as easy as never before.

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