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  • Utmost raises $21 million to expand its Workday-centric extended workforce system/VMS
  • Bid Ops: Vendor Analysis, 2021 — Solution overview, strengths/weaknesses, SWOT, Bid Ops competitors, tech-selection tips [PRO]
  • Investor perspective: The rise of category spend solutions in enterprise procurement
  • Enlighta: Vendor Analysis — Solution overview, Enlighta competitors, roadmap, tech selection tips, analyst insights [PRO]
  • Afternoon Coffee: Microsoft in talks to acquire messaging platform Discord; Keelvar names Workday exec as board chair; PRO recap: Payable strategies (Parts 2&3), digitizing direct materials sourcing
  • Five scenarios for VMS 2025: Scenario 3 — Extended workforce rising [PRO]
  • SirionLabs: Vendor Analysis, 2021 Update (Part 3) — Company SWOT, SirionLabs’ competitors, tech selection tips, analyst conclusion [PRO]
  • Negotiatus: Vendor Analysis — P2P/payment solution overview, roadmap, Negotiatus’ competitors, tech selection tips, strength/weakness [PRO]