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How to Source Skilled Talent Directly Through Your VMS

As you probably know, the extended workforce is a hot topic, and study after study suggests that it will remain so in the near future. This is very good news if your organization has a plan to make itself more attractive to contingent talent. It's even better news if you're using the proper tools. But are you?

Event Recap: VMS and Services Procurement Technology Selection in 2015 — New Tools, Shifting Strategies, False Prophets and More!

Are you looking for a vendor management system (VMS)? If so, you may have questions about which one is best for your business. The right VMS can result in cost savings, risk mitigation and increased visibility into your contingent workforce management program. That said, selecting the right VMS is not an easy task. There are a lot of “moving parts" and elements to manage if you want to get it right. Not only that, but the VMS you do choose will affect the entire organization.

Onboarding for CWM Success in the Era of the Worker

Even the best managers of contingent workforce management (CWM) programs are affected by the growing importance of the independent workforce. Many organizations are struggling to attract and retain talented workers. When it comes to managing contract talent, sourcing professionals are looking for every advantage they can find. Yet some are neglecting perhaps the most important aspect of contingent workforce management: the workforce itself. Beware: Employers who ignore the growing power of independent workers will suffer the consequences. But do not lose hope. Once you understand the challenges you face, it is easy to get your CWM program back on track.

Are You Prepared For the Future of Purchasing?

Most companies acknowledge that contingent labor is a vital component in achieving their business goals. That’s why it is so important to understand the trends – ones that enable you to prepare proactively – instead of scrambling before it's too late. What if we showed you what's going to happen, how it will affect you and what to do about it? In other words, what if we showed you how to win the war for talent?

How Millennials Are Making the Extended Workforce a Better Place

Maybe it's universal. Maybe each generation is destined to look at the demographic cohort that directly follows them as "lost" or apathetic. The fact is, despite being misunderstood, millennials make important contributions that many people may not recognize. Here are 3 ways millennials are improving the workplace.

Could Procurement Be the Enterprise’s Secret Weapon?

Organizations seeking to realize cost savings in today's global economy should turn to their secret weapon: procurement. Procurement divisions face the same business challenges as others – to do more with less in an increasingly competitive marketplace. But, the fast-moving contingent workforce world is about to get a whole lot more complicated. All firms are competing to see who can manage their extended workforce and spend the best. The fight to realize cost savings across the enterprise has never been more intense. The good news is that new research can help you tap into opportunities to boost your bottom line.