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Direct sourcing of talent grows as a business strategy, but requires technology and a plan

While engaging an extended workforce is nothing new, the ways that companies find those workers is changing. The global pandemic, paired with a fragile business climate and so many people out of work, has amplified the need for contingent workers and the ability of those workers to choose where and when they prefer to work.

A recent survey from the HR Research Institute, “The State of the Free Nation and Contingent Workforce,” shows that 90% of HR professionals expect their companies’ contingent workforces to grow or remain the same over the next three years. Currently, about 40% of the workforce is contingent labor, with an expected jump of 10% to 20% at Fortune 1000 organizations over the next three years.

Over the last decade, direct sourcing of workers has emerged as a viable alternative to traditional staffing and recruiting methods.

What should employers do to gain the full value of their independent workers?

In less than a decade, half of the U.S. workforce will be independent workers. A study said more than 30% of the global workforce works in a non-employee capacity and almost 40% of workers under 35 have some sort of “side hustle” in addition to a full-time gig. But what should employers do to ensure these workers are being appropriately hired and utilized while companies gain the full value of their independent workers?