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The Week In Metals: Inauguration Edition

Early in the week Trump broke with traditional protocol for presidents and presidents-elect and said he desires a weaker U.S. dollar. Since the Carter administration, the Federal Reserve has enjoyed relative autonomy in setting the value of the currency, or even talking about its value, as even comments about it by previous presidents have moved the dollar’s value erratically.

True to form, Trump’s comments helped sink the U.S. dollar index by 1% vs. other major currencies. However, our Raul de Frutos helpfully points out this breach of protocol is good for metal prices as is a weaker dollar.

It’s 2017, and We Have Predictions!

This week in metals we looked at where we think some major markets will go in this new year.

James May of Steel-Insight says finished steel flat products will see more demand and, hence, bigger price increases this year. There’ll be more HRC capacity and U.S. Steel might even reopen one of the blast furnaces at its Granite City, Ill., facility, too. And how to best deal with price volatility? Guest Correspondent Jonas Divine shared his personal story with Spend Matters.

Trump Appointees Promise Totally Tubular Tough Trade Enforcement: The Week in Metals


Welcome to the first Week in Metals of 2017! Remember the ‘80s? Robert Lighthizer does because he was a deputy U.S. Trade Representative back then and he was key to the Reagan Administration stemming the tide of imports from Japan with threats of quotas and punitive tariffs. Now he’s got the top job as the U.S. Trade Rep for the incoming Trump administration

Chinese Commodity Prices and Your Supply Chain

Have you noticed prices from your Chinese suppliers increasing in the last month and a half or have you been living in a cave? Is there anything you can do to stop these increases from impacting your bottom line as much? If you read us, the answer is yes (about the prices, not the cave). While many of these costs go to a supplier’s bottom line, being an educated buyer can stop you from having them passed directly to yours.

The Week in Metals: Cannonbull Run


The optimism of a pro-business administration taking over in January has taken hold in the entire global industrial metals complex. Combined with positive sentiment about consumption in top consumer China, it has created a bull run wherein it seems that prices have been shot out of a cannon. We call it the cannonbull run.

The Week in Metals: Bulls Everywhere!


This week started with lead and zinc hitting multiyear highs as metal bulls rushed to invest as and infrastructure demand continuing to buoy prices. Tin hit its own high, even as MetalMiner Co-Founder Stuart Burns warned that the rally is based on investment and not supply-and-demand fundamentals. Everywhere we turn, these days, there are more industrial metals bulls (even in India).

Zhongwhang in Hot Water: The Week in Metals


This week MetalMiner Co-Founder and Editor-at-Large Stuart Burns interviewed Harriet Lau, of Chinese aluminum giant China Zhongwang. The company is being investigated by the Department of Commerce for allegedly avoiding anti-dumping and countervailing duty orders by shipping downright ridiculous products to the U.S. Lau said her company was only putting the customer first by shipping the curious 5050 alloy to one customer who wanted it. The Week in Metals brings you the latest in commodities and trade news from MetalMiner.