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JP Morris comes to Spend Matters with 25+ years of experience with the Chicago Tribune and the Houston Chronicle. He works with the global Spend Matters team of analysts and professionals to coordinate coverage of the procurement technology market. He also edits all manner of Spend Matters stories — PRO, Nexus and SolutionMap analysis columns as well as news articles. And he’s trying to figure out which SolutionMap persona fits a husband and dad of two who likes to travel, build robots, coach baseball, write, feed WordPress and meet deadlines.

Coronavirus update: Trade with Europe isn’t part of U.S. travel ban

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“The restriction stops people not goods," President Donald Trump tweeted, in part, after his Oval Office address where he announced travel restrictions with much of Europe as part of his strategy to curb the spread of the coronavirus outbreak. His speech mentioned the travel ban and trade at the same time, making it unclear if the U.S. intended to shut down imports and exports with Europe. Also, read this story for the latest headlines on the coronavirus' effect on people and the economy.

In reaction to coronavirus, U.S. suspends travel with Europe — but not the UK

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In response to the coronavirus outbreak, the U.S. will bar travel from Europe for 30 days, beginning late Friday, said U.S. President Donald Trump in an Oval Office address to the nation Wednesday night. He said the UK, which recently separated from the European Union after the prolonged Brexit debate, is not part of the ban. 

China’s coronavirus outbreak puts global supply chains at risk


The coronavirus has killed 1,665 people and sickened 68,500 in China, with other deaths now reported in Taiwan and France, according to Reuters on Sunday.

A special Dun & Bradstreet report, called the “Business Impact from the Coronavirus,” said the risk to companies around the world also is profound — with the outbreak hitting China’s regions that are home to “over 90% of all active businesses,” many of which are branches or subsidiaries of foreign companies. That means global supply chains will be affected.

Afternoon Coffee: U.S. importing, exporting drops; LinkedIn to get new CEO; Avetta adds 2 execs

Tariffs and slower global growth showed their effects as Americans imported less from around the world and exported fewer U.S. goods and services — resulting in a narrower trade deficit, according to Commerce Department data released Wednesday. The Wall Street Journal reports that this is the first drop in the trade deficit in six years, but that it wasn’t achieved in a way that would eventually create a trade surplus. Afternoon Coffee: Procurement and supply chain news.

2020 GEP Outlook report: ‘In this increasingly tumultuous world, more will be asked from procurement’

GEP, a provider of a full suite of procurement technology, released its 2020 Outlook report that itself has a suite of forecasts for the year, including economic and geopolitical developments as well as trends in technology and business that bear watching.

Since Brexit just began after years of uncertainty, we got an update on GEP’s expectations for the UK and Europe. And we’ll explore some of the report’s more interesting findings — which focused on the concept of “budget-to-pay” and the resurgence of should-cost modeling.

Avoid these 7 mistakes when bidding on a U.S. government contract

Businesses seeking to win U.S. government contracts often make mistakes in their bids — missteps that can waste time and money spent on bidding and that cost companies the chance at lucrative deals, according to Public Spend Forum, a sister site of Spend Matters.

Public Spend Forum goes into detail on each mistake, and it is even offering a workshop on these seven points. Register here for the workshop, to be held March 17 in Washington, D.C.

Here is a synopsis of the mistakes:

Tradeshift has $240 million funding round, plans to restructure and focus on near-term profitability


Tradeshift, a solution provider known for its network, supply chain payment offerings and marketplaces, announced today that it has a funding round of $240 million in equity and debt that sets “the company on a direct path to profitability in the near future,” the announcement said.

CEO Christian Lanng spoke with Spend Matters and said this marks a time for refocusing on high-value efforts and restructuring the company, which was founded in 2010.

“It's been a very long journey to get critical mass. It actually doesn't feel this long today. Ten years is quick in our space,” Lanng said.

Read more about the changes at Tradeshift.

Coupa acquires Yapta, boosting its T&E capabilities

Coupa announced today that it is buying Yapta, a website that monitors airline and hotel prices in real time and rebooks at the lowest price. The addition to Coupa’s business spend management suite of offerings bolsters its travel and expense capabilities, according to the announcement.

Success is ‘the provider’s responsibility,’ Scanmarket says in webinar on implementation, ROI and services


Talk of digital transformation and which procurement technology to acquire take up a bulk of the conversation about how businesses should grow, but leaders in procurement software say that businesses should not ignore the implementation and consulting services that should be deployed along with the latest solutions.

In a recent webinar about getting a solid return on your technology investment, Spend Matters Founder Jason Busch talked with Scanmarket about how its team of experts helps customers succeed in using the new tool, deploying it with change management, setting the KPIs to match the buyer’s goals and assessing the success in the months after implementation.

‘Dark CapEx’ and ‘orphan’ business processes are top challenges as lease spend moves onto balance sheets, expert says

“There is a growing amount of ‘dark CapEx’ hidden in outsourcing contracts, ‘as-a-service’ arrangements and traditional leases,” said Ingemar Lanevi, LeaseAccelerator’s VP and GM of Global Sourcing Solutions, in an interview focusing on the problems with leasing spend.

The issues with lease spend have been hot topics since accounting rules changed this year for some companies, and that change has exposed how businesses don’t really understand how much they’re spending on leases, how much they’re overspending and who in the business is in charge of all those deals.

“Equipment leasing is an ‘orphan business process’ that begs for oversight and leadership,” said Lanevi, in a Spend Matters Q&A where we asked him about the issues with lease spend to shed light on the big picture.

Brexit and U.S.-China trade deal gain steam

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Two sagas concerning world trade — Brexit and a U.S.-China trade deal — saw major developments Thursday but are not done deals yet. The UK election yesterday strengthened Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who for years has favored a UK exit from the European Union. In the U.S. amid impeachment hearings over President Donald Trump, he has signaled that a preliminary deal on the 19-month-long U.S.-China trade has been reached, according to several news reports. The development could avert even more tariffs being imposed on goods from China that were to begin Sunday.

Scanmarket CEO Betina Nygaard: ‘The e-sourcing process will change completely’

Many procurement technology firms have a short history before flaming out or being acquired, but one stalwart firm has hit a rare milestone — and has secured a strong future for itself. Scanmarket, the Denmark-based provider of strategic sourcing software, turned 20 this year — and made sure that the family business will carry on with the same mission. To learn more about what it takes to run a long-standing best-of-breed sourcing business, we talked to Scanmarket CEO Betina Nygaard for her insights about the past and the future of e-sourcing. "I think the e-sourcing process will change completely," she said.