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How to Manage Complex Categories

When looking at complex spend categories there are a number of things to take into consideration. First: Don't make assumptions. Second: Gathering requirements from budget holders and users of the goods or services is vital. In this paper, Peter Smith of Spend Matters UK/Europe provides other important practices in executing category management processes.

Pitt Establishes Center for Supply Chain Management, Outsourcing in the Philippines, Why End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility Matters

Megaworld is investing $5 billion in 10 "townships" for its BPO customers who outsource to the Philippines. The Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation is funding a project to discover what exactly influences a customer to select a certain bottle of wine off the rack.

Google Makes Agreement with Tech Data Europe, Manhattan Associates Solutions work for Forever Direct EU BV

Google has made an agreement with Tech Data Europe to manage the supply chain of Google’s indirect channel across Europe for its Chromecast media streaming device. Manhattan Associates Inc. announced Forever Direct EU BV has greatly improved its order fulfillment operations throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa with Manhattan’s Supply Chain Commerce Solutions.

Oklahoma Must Name Suppliers of Lethal Injection Drugs, Britain Has Ordered Anti-Trust Investigation

Despite threats received by the suppliers of lethal injection drugs, an Oklahoma judge has ruled those suppliers' identities cannot be kept secret. The lawyers for two prisoners scheduled for execution claim that not knowing the identity of the suppliers makes it impossible to know whether the execution process satisfies the constitutional ban on cruel and unusual punishment. Additionally, Britain has ordered an anti-trust investigation into its big energy suppliers.