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The Gift that Keeps on Giving — Procurement Education

It’s the holiday season and I’m sure we all feel the same way as we approach the New Year — relieved that the four numbers “2020” will soon no longer show up in our calendar.

With the joy that comes with the holidays and the thought of putting this year behind us, I know many of you that lead the procurement, supplier management and/or risk management functions of your organization are wondering how to reward your team to set them and your organization up for success in 2021.

Many of your organizations likely cut budgets this year, while some of your organizations may have extra spend sitting in the training budget since many in-person training and events were canceled this year. While we all love cool gadgets and gift cards and hope not to receive a dried up fruitcake, the best gift for your team should be special, meaningful and continue to reward year after year.

The perfect gift would show your team how much you appreciate them, while providing an opportunity to develop their skills. Certifications in strategic sourcing, supplier management, third-party risk management and intelligent process automation can bring you that win. Earning skills in these areas bring many benefits not only to the individuals who attain them, but also to the organizations that employ them. It also advances the profession in general along with the respect for those in that profession.

A Holiday Gift Your Team Will (Actually) Appreciate

This time of year, giving presents to your team members and colleagues can be awkward no matter how well you know them. Look beyond the restaurant gift cards, trending gadgets and dried-out fruitcakes to a gift that will deliver an actual return on investment — an industry-recognized certification. By coming together in a virtual classroom, you’ll avoid those awkward, gift-giving faux pas and delight your team with an investment in their professional development to sharpen their skills, boost performance and credibility with both stakeholders and management, and contribute to the overall success of the organization.