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COVID-19 Resources: A Guide for Sourcing, Procurement and Workforce Management

SIG is always asking our event attendees, current and future members, and readers about their concerns. I have been tracking and analyzing their responses for almost 10 years now. While cost savings and value-add remain consistent and strong priorities, there's no doubt many are very concerned about meeting pandemic-related needs.

We are blessed to have a community of thought leaders and generous professionals who are willing to share their experiences and describe their wins.

We offer the following resources in your quest for coronavirus-related items specific to sourcing, procurement and workforce management. You can continue to search for related articles in the SIG Resource Center and on Future of Sourcing. Normally a benefit of SIG membership, these resources are being offered to all of our readers.

5 tips from SIG on presenting at procurement industry events

Presenting at an industry event is an important step in any professional's career. It is also an excellent opportunity to promote, showcase and reward a team for a job well done. But most importantly, it is a critical factor in keeping an industry relevant, competitive and strong. Every professional worth their salt should consider it their duty to share their successes and failures.

Of course, in order to present at an industry event, you must first submit a proposal in the form of a session abstract. Sourcing professionals are well-versed in writing business cases and category strategies, and we have all read our fair share of good and bad proposals. However, when it comes to writing a speaking proposal, many sourcing professionals don’t give it the time or energy it deserves. These abstracts are often used to describe your session, and if the goal is to share your thought leadership, you will want to make sure your abstract grabs your audience’s attention. Consider the following five tips to write a compelling proposal for your next industry event.