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Top 5 Strategies to Optimize Costs for the Energy Supply Chain

Complexity is rampant in energy sector supply chain processes, and this guide can help those experts respond to increased pressure from CFOs and CEOs to lower costs and streamline processes.

Digitalizing is one solution. Digitalizing doesn’t mean roads, factories, and power plants of the future will cease to exist as physical entities. But it does mean that our physical and digital infrastructures will become increasingly integrated, resulting in an improvement in economic, environmental and social outcomes across our fundamental systems.

This includes digitalizing the all-important energy sector. Each day you’re pushed a little further outside of your comfort zone and forced to rely on your ingenuity to solve complicated problems. Building end-to-end capabilities and solutions that ensure supply chain reliability, efficiency and innovation are at the center of everything you do. Now, more than ever, the ability to analyze cross-functional processes against existing systems is critical to make fast, intelligent value optimization decisions.

Manufacturing 2020 — Integrated Data, a Slingshot to a Resilient Future

By using technology platforms, such as Salesforce, many manufacturers have been able to harness data that provides 360-degree views needed to quickly respond to global supply chain issues. Integrated data and technology platforms have helped manufacturers pivot quickly during COVID-19. And it will be these platforms and integrated data that act as a slingshot to launch manufacturers to a better future beyond the current pandemic.