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Women in Procurement Wednesday: Lisa Reisman advocates for women to stand up for their careers, especially when facing challenges

If you’ve been following our social media channels recently, you might have noticed a new weekly feature called “Women in Procurement Wednesday.”

We met with Lisa Reisman to discuss how women can advocate for themselves in the workplace, especially as women face heightened challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic. Reisman is the first of many empowering women to share her expertise as a woman in procurement with our audience.

2020’s Future 5 start-ups: Spend Matters announces standout newcomers in procurement technology

Spend Matters has always been committed to covering the bleeding edge of procurement technology, highlighting not only the established market contenders at the table but also some of the most exciting procurement technology start-up companies in the world. We’re thrilled to announce the second annual “Future 5” today.

SIG Summit discusses why diversity and inclusion matter in the contingent workforce

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated in 2017 that 55 million people in the U.S. are gig workers, compromising about 34% of the workforce. That number is expected to become 43% in 2020, and probably higher with COVID-19 placing pressure on traditional work environments.

These numbers show the need to take a critical examination of the contingent workforce and its diversity/inclusion practices. A SIG Global Executive Summit discussion aimed to provide procurement professionals with tangible information and tips for increasing diversity and inclusion within the contingent workforce.

SIG Summit discusses sustainability and storytelling in procurement

The Sourcing Industry Group continued with its 59th Global Executive Summit on Wednesday with discussions about how procurement professionals can help their organizations by using the latest ideas and technology.

Topics discussed in the Summit’s second day included procurement transformation, ROI, adventures of procurement in the year 2020, and automating taxes.

But we’re going to focus on two of the day’s topics that may not come to mind when thinking about procurement: sustainability and storytelling.

SIG Summit opens with talk of CPOs, shareholder value, spend analytics

The Sourcing Industry Group (SIG) kicked off its 59th Global Executive Summit on Tuesday with conversations covering procurement, finance, sourcing, cost savings, artificial intelligence, category management, workforce, data analytics and more. The Summit continues on Wednesday and Thursday.

SIG session: How will companies balance work-from-home vs returning to the office in a post-pandemic world?

home working

It's no secret COVID-19 altered the work environment greatly. But, what's here to stay? In this SIGnature event, a panel of executives discussed the agile work environment in a post-pandemic world. What's good about the work-from-home model? What are some best practices?

SIG event tackles risk management, scoring technology adoption and measuring procurement success

The professional association SIG (Sourcing Industry Group) hosted a daylong online event Wednesday for procurement professionals to network and learn best practices for pivoting procurement in a COVID-19 pandemic world.

The sessions highlighted in this article cover third-party risk management, a Jaggaer exec exploring how we keep score, and Ivalua CMO Alex Saric's looks at procurement success in the time of COVID-19.

Supplier diversity is a missing business strategy, argues Jamie Crump in her book ‘Backstage Pass’

While a lot of organizations today see supplier diversity as the role of procurement within the company, if there is a diversity goal, then each of the different players in an organization has a role. Supplier diversity is a much broader initiative that, like any good business strategy, takes a village. It isn't for show, and it should not solely be a “supply chain issue” either, says Jamie Crump, President of the Richwell Group, a consulting firm that focuses on strategic sourcing and supplier diversity.

In her new book, “Backstage Pass: Pulling the Curtain Back on the Business of Supplier Diversity,” Jamie says that a sound supplier diversity program is very much C-suite material and that elevating it to a business strategy improves your bottom line.

SIG Summit dispatch: Procurement with purpose in the COVID-19 Era

Continuing with coverage of the digital SIG Procurement Technology Summit this week, I attended session No. 18: “Procurement with a Purpose in the COVID-19 Era.” Moderated by our own Sheena Smith, Managing Director of North America for Spend Matters, the session included three panelists: Paul Polizzotto of Givewith, Adam Vasallo of Big Brothers Big Sisters and Sushmita Banerjee of Boston Consulting Group.

As supply chains touch essentially everything every day, not just in this era of COVID-19, procurement is becoming increasingly human and personal — people are being furloughed, companies are actually consulting their force majeure clauses and asking for concessions, etc. While procurement departments are impacted and have gone back into cost-cutting mode, communities are also incredibly impacted. As such, how can you, as procurement, make your spend count in a way that benefits buyers, sellers and nonprofits?

SIG Summit dispatch: The importance of the customer-supplier relationship and the COVID-19 crisis

As part of this week’s digital SIG Procurement Technology Summit, I attended Breakout Session No. 9: “Becoming a Customer of Choice or How to Avoid Hearing ‘You're Fired!' ” In the online panel discussion moderated by Mike Morsch, Vice President of Procurement & Supply Chain at CDK Global, representatives from both the customer and supplier worlds discuss what customers should be doing when working in today’s COVID-19 environment — and what they are doing to support and encourage suppliers, especially startups with limited time and resources.

2020’s top vendors named in new ‘50 Providers to Know’ and ‘50 Providers to Watch’ lists

The 2020 lists for Spend Matters’ “50 Providers to Know” and “50 Providers to Watch” have been published.

Each year we recognize 100 vendors in the industry as part of two lists: the best-in-class companies you need to know about and the up-and-coming, growing firms you should keep your eye on.

The 50 to Know and Watch lists are determined by the entire Spend Matters analyst team to represent the best of the commercial providers that serve enterprise-level procurement organizations. View the full 50 Providers to Know list in the Spend Matters Almanac. View the 50 Providers to Watch list here.